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Maximize Your Conversions Numbers and Experience Real Estate in a Whole New Way!

Makanvi, Your Innovative Real Estate Partner..


In today's fast-paced world, technology has become a driving force behind success across all industries. While many sectors have embraced digital transformation, real estate in the MENA region has been slower to adopt Prop-tech solutions. At Makanvi, we see this as an opportunity to revolutionize the industry and provide a cutting-edge solution that streamlines real estate business management.

Makanvi is the first all-in-one real estate business management app solution in the MENA region. Our platform incorporates innovative 3D Virtual Tours technology and provides realtime metrics and insights that help real estate professionals work more efficiently and costeffectively. Makanvi is designed to transform the MENA real estate industry, and we are dedicated to sustainability and being at the forefront of this exciting new chapter.


Be the market leader providing digital transformation solutions to connect users from around the globe with any spaces or product virtually with the highest accuracy to give real life experience.


Our mission is to introduce Protech in GCC countries where VR, artificial intelligence, and data analytics have been heavily ignored. This technology will deliver smart real estate experience by ensuring accuracy, reliability and affordability.

Core values

At Makanvi, We believe that our success is rooted in a set of Core Values that guide our decision-Making and Shape our Culture.


We are constantly exploring new ways to improve and provide better solutions.


We value transparency, accountability, and ethics in all our interactions.


We prioritize understanding our customers' needs to deliver a tailored and intuitive platform.


We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and operating in a responsible and sustainable way.


We uphold the highest standards of honesty, fairness, and ethics in all our interactions.

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